Fiber Club

Fiber Club is a marketplace to buy knit and crochet patterns. A mobile application is currently in production and will launch in Summer 2021. The ultimate goal is to provide an entire platform of services for every facet of the fiber community. Fiber Club prioritizes building inclusivity, accessibility, diversity & community.

Logo created with Development and Business team for Fiber.Club application and website, the basis of all branding and UI.

My Role

UX Strategist | UI Designer

The Project Needs

Rommel and Liza needed to develop an accessible mobile application and website to act as an online marketplace for handmade fiber goods.

The Opportunity & Solution

This application and site are projects that came about because of need for an accessible website for fiber crafters, the previous site, Ravelry, made updates that ultimately cause lots of issues with some of their previous users. The opportunity was to show that we could move knitters and crocheters into the modern era of of the digital era without leaving anyone behind. The solution we sought is a long form development that includes testing that is unheard of in the indie app space but is deeply important to the business and development team. The primary focus was using interactions and as many ADA compliant criteria as possible to build fun and unique experience for fiber crafters.

Fiber Club is an ongoing project for a fiber arts service application. I am working as a visual designer, accessibility and user researcher & UX/UI designer. So far, I have created their logo and illustrations designed for their mobile application. 

I shared some initial sketches for the logo based on text forward and some art inspiration from the film based on Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club.

However with further work with the business team, we saw that centering text forward iterations would better work for their accessibility goals across mobile and web platforms.

I didn’t work directly on the colors used for the brand, based on research and testing from the business team, they came up with a palate that best served their needs and worked well across their “lite” and “dark” modes that had been configured for the application. 

Ultimately we settled on creating a logo that was based on their use of Open Sans on the mobile app (and also their web experience).  It is simple and marries the principles of function and form.

I am currently developing their web experience based on preliminary user research and their existing usability testing insights. I have shared some iterative versions of their initial web page designs while the application is still under development. Potential users can learn more about the project, the business team behind it and sign up for updates regarding the project.

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